Recommended Resources

Reading comprehension is closed related with the mastery of vocabulary. Click here for a list of grades vocabulary items with 1033 words in the A-class, 2018 words in the B-class, 2202 words in the C-class and 3569 in the D-class. You should know all the words in the A-class and most of the words in the B-class. If you don't know any of the words, you can copy and paste them onto a web application such as Chinese Savvy to do a quick translation. Additionally, you may also want to study the list of 1500 high frequency words in Chinese.

In addition to our recommended websites on this topic, the chart below lists several resources such as books, CD-Rom programs and teacher-made materials that can help you prepare for the CLPE reading section.

Resource Suggested Use
HSK Prep: Reading Comprehension《HSK应试速练(初、中等)·阅读理解分项强化》 本书有24组阅读理解练习题,适合初、中级水平汉语学习者准备阅读考试,是一种强化训练的模式。 汉语网,有很多阅读材料