Recommended Resources

In addition to our recommended websites on this topic, the chart below lists several resources such as books, CD-Rom programs and teacher-made materials that can help you prepare for the listening part of the exam.

Resource Suggested Use
Guide to HSK - Elementary and Intermediate Levels  (HSK中国汉语水平考试应试指南-(初中等)(修订本)) 本书适合初级水平汉语学习者和中级水平汉语学习者准备相关汉语水平考试。本书配有英文、日文、韩文翻译。书中既有应试指导又有大量的考试习题,特别是听力部分,学习者可以根据录音反复练习。
Simulated HSK Tests (HSK中国汉语水平考试模拟试题集(初中等)》) 本书适合初、中级水平汉语学习者准备相关汉语水平考试。书中配有详尽的题解和录音文本,书中的听力部分特别适合学习者反复练习听力,掌握听力技巧。