Recommended Resources

Click Grammar 1 and Grammar 2 for a comprehensive guide to 1168 grammar points, grouped into 4 class: 129 in A-class, 123 in B-class, 400 in C-class, and 516 in D-class. The list starts on Page 33. You should be familiar with the A-class and the B-class language points. In addition, the chart below lists several resources such as books, CD-Rom programs and teacher-made materials that can help you prepare for the grammar part of the exam.

Resource Suggested Use
HSK Intensive Prep for GrammarHSK考前强化——语法(初、中等)


Practical Chinese Grammar for Foreigners with Exercises 《外国人实用汉语语法》


Online Confucius Institute

网络孔子学院  题库——专项练习(语法结构)