(Posted 6 November 2012)

The result (written and oral) of the 2012 Competitive Examination for Statistics Assistants have been emailed to all candidates. This concludes the 2012 Competitive Examination for Statistics Assistants. Please kindly check your email (including spam/trash folders) before contacting us via if you have any inquiries regarding your result. Please note that you have two weeks to contact us and the mailbox will not be monitored after 16 November 2012.


(Posted 18 October 2012)

The oral part of the exam has concluded, the result will be announced to candidates by 31 October 2012 (revised from 19 October 2012 previously explained to some candidates).


(Posted 21 September 2012)

The practical and written parts of the exam have been marked and the result have been emailed to all applicants who sat for these parts. Only those who have met the passing threshold have been invited to the oral examination. Please note that the disposition in Inspira will remain as "Under Consideration" for all applicants, including those who have not been invited to the oral part, and will only be updated after the conclusion of the exam at the end of October.


(Posted 28 August 2012)

All applicants have been informed of their eligibility to sit for the 2012 Competitive Examination for Statistics Assistants via email.
Please note that the disposition in Inspira will only be updated after the examination is concluded in mid October 2012.
Therefore, applicants who do not meet eligibility criteria will still see their disposition in Inspira as "Under Consideration", but would have received a letter stating that you are not invited to the exam.
Only applicants who have received a convocation letter are eligible to sit for the exam.


(Posted 03 August 2012)

The 2012 Competitive Examination for Statistics Assistants application deadline was on 2 August 2012. The application period is now closed.

Applicants who have submitted their applications before 2 August 2012 will be informed whether they meet the eligibility criteria and convoked to the examination by 13 August 2012. Please do not contact us to inquire about your eligibility before this date.

The ASAT and Microsoft Excel component of the examination is tentatively scheduled to be on 22-24 August 2012. The written component of the examination is tentatively scheduled to be on 31 August 2012. These dates are subject to change, depending on the total number of convoked candidates. Applicants may prepare for the examination using material available on Exam Preparatory Materials.


(Updated 16 July 2012)

2012 Competitive Examination for Statistics Assistants is now accepting applications.
Deadline for applications is extended from Wednesday, 18 July to Thursday, 2 August 2012.

This competitive examination is open to UN Secretariat staff members in the General Service and related categories, and external candidates -- who meet the educational, work experience and language requirements, and enjoy working with numbers and are based in New York.

The majority of the posts for Statistics Assistants are located in the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) and the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC). Statistics Assistants are responsible for collecting and processing various types of economic, social, demographic, financial and environmental data and metadata, at the national, regional and global levels, and preparing them for presentation and dissemination in flagship and other publications, databases and reports, and on the Internet. (Click Link1, Link2, Link3, Link4 for some examples of the work to which Statistics Assistants contribute).

To qualify to take the examination, applicants must have:
1. A high school diploma or equivalent
2. At least seven years of work experience in statistics, finance, accounting, economics or another related area, including experience in collecting and processing economic, social, demographic, financial or environmental data.
3. Fluency in English (written and oral).

The examination consists of three parts: (i) a written test covering simple mathematics, logical reasoning and basic knowledge of tables, graphs and charts; (ii) a practical test to assess candidates’ knowledge of Microsoft Excel; and - for only those candidates successful in the first two parts - (iii) an oral interview. All parts will be given in English only.

The written examination will be held in New York in late August 2012; the precise date and location will be determined according to the number of convoked applicants and will be communicated directly to the convoked applicants at a later date.