Statements by the President of the Security Council (partial list)

15 May 1999

Urging the Government of Sierra Leone and rebel representatives to start direct talks without delay

7 January 1999

Condemning the attempt by the rebels to overthrow the legitimate Government of Sierra Leone

20 May 1998

Deploring the continued resistance to the authority of the legitimate Government

26 February 1998

Welcoming the end of the military rule and stressing the need for restoration of the legitimate Government

14 November 1997

Welcoming the peace plan agreed between the ECOWAS Committee and representatives of the junta

6 August 1997

Rejecting the military junta's attempt to set conditions for the restoration of the legitimate Government

11 July 1997

Condemning the overthrow of the legitimate Government and calling for its immediate restoration

27 May 1997

Concerning the military coup d'état in Sierra Leone

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