Resolutions of the Security Council

S/RES/1270 (1999)
22 October 1999

Relating to the termination of UNOMSIL and establishment of UNAMSIL

S/RES/1260 (1999)
20 August 1999

Welcoming the signing of the Lome Peace Agreement and authorizing provisional expansion of UNOMSIL

S/RES/1245 (1999)
11 June 1999

Extending the mandate of UNOMSIL until 13 December 1999

S/RES/1231 (1999)
11 March 1999

Extending the mandate of UNOMSIL until 13 June 1999 and welcoming the Secretary-General's intention to re-establish UNOMSIL in Freetown as soon as possible

S/RES/1220 (1999)
12 January 1999

Extending the mandate of UNOMSIL until 13 March 1999 and taking note of the Secretary-General's intention to reduce the number of military observers in UNOMSIL

S/RES/1181 (1998)
13 July 1998

Establish UNOMSIL for an initial period of six months until 13 January 1999 and outlining its mandate

S/RES/1171 (1998)
5 June 1998

Terminating the arms embargo

S/RES/1162 (1998)
17 April 1998

Authorizing deployment to Sierra Leone of up to ten UN military liaison and security advisory personnel

S/RES/1156 (1998)
16 March 1998

Welcoming the return to Sierra Leone of its democratically elected President and terminating the oil embargo

S/RES/1132 (1997)
8 October 1997

Demanding that the military junta take immediate steps to relinquish power in Sierra Leone, and establishning the oil and arms embargo

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