Middle East - UNEF I

Prepared by the Department of Public Information, United Nations. This text was last updated effective 31 August 1996.

Not an official document of the United Nations.


LOCATION: First the Suez Canal sector and the Sinai peninsula. Later along the Armistice Demarcation Line in the Gaza area and the international frontier in the Sinai peninsula (on the Egyptian side)


DURATION: November 1956 - June 1967

STRENGTH: 6,073 military personnel, supported by international and locally recruited civilian staff

FATALITIES: 107 (106 military personnel and 1 local civilian staff)

EXPENDITURES: $214,249,000 (The financial cost was considerably reduced by the absorption by the countries providing contingents of varying amounts of the expenses involved)

FUNCTION: Established to secure and supervise the cessation of hostilities, including the withdrawal of the armed forces of France, Israel and the United Kingdom from Egyptian territory and, after the withdrawal, to serve as a buffer between the Egyptian and Israeli forces. In May 1967, Egypt compels UNEF I to withdraw

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