El Salvador - ONUSAL

Prepared by the Department of Public Information, United Nations. This text was last updated effective 31 August 1996.

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LOCATION: El Salvador


DURATION: July 1991 - April 1995

AUTHORIZED STRENGTH: 380 military observers; 8 medical officers; and 631 police observers; there was also a provision for some 140 civilian international staff and 180 local staff

FATALITIES: 5 (3 police observers and 2 local civilian staff)

EXPENDITURES: $107,003,650

FUNCTION: Established to verify the implementation of all agreements between the Government of El Salvador and Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional aimed at ending a decade-long civil war. The agreements involved a cease-fire and related measures, reform and reduction of the armed forces, creation of a new police force, reform of the judicial and electoral systems, human rights, land tenure and other economic and social issues. After the armed conflict had been formally brought to an end in December 1992, ONUSAL verified elections which were carried out successfully in March and April 1994. After ONUSAL competed its mandate on 30 April 1995, a small group of United Nations civilian personnel -- known as the United Nations Mission in El Salvador (MINUSAL) -- remained in El Salvador to provide good offices to the parties, to verify implementation of the outstanding points of the agreements and to provide a continuing flow of accurate and reliable information

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