• UNAVEM II was established by Security Council resolution 696 (1991) of 30 May 1991 with the following mandate: to verify the arrangements agreed by the Angolan parties for the monitoring of the ceasefire and for the monitoring of the Angolan police during the ceasefire period.
  • On 24 March 1992, the Security Council, by its resolution 747 (1992), decided to enlarge the mandate of UNAVEM II to include observation and verification of the presidential and legislative elections in Angola.
  • After renewed fighting in October 1992 between the Government of Angola and UNITA forces, UNAVEM II's mandate was adjusted, in accordance with Security Council resolutions 804 (1993) of 20 January 1993, 811 (1993) of 12 March 1993 and 834 (1993) of 1 June 1993, in order to help the two sides reach agreement on modalities for completing the peace process and, at the same time, to broker and help implement ceasefires at the national or local level.
  • In connection with the signing on 20 November 1994 by the Government of Angola and UNITA of the Lusaka Protocol, the Security Council, by its resolution 952 (1994) of 27 October 1994 and resolution 966 (1994) of 8 December 1994, authorized UNAVEM II to verify the initial stages of the peace agreement.
  • In February 1995, the Security Council set up a new mission -- UNAVEM III -- to monitor and verify the implementation of the Lusaka Protocol.


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