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Department for General Assembly and Conference Management

Monitoring, Evaluation, Risk Assessment and Statistical Verification Unit

Following an examination of the Department’s work processes, it was recognized that without reliable and timely knowledge of how, where and when the Department’s personnel and budgetary resources were being expended, little progress could be made to optimize the utilization of those resources.  The Monitoring, Evaluation, Risk Assessment and Statistical Verification Unit was established to respond to those concerns by ensuring greater transparency, analytical capacity and accountability in conference management.    

The Unit prepares statistical evaluation analyses of the key performance indicators of the Department and makes recommendations to redress perceived issues.  Included in those analyses are risk assessment (what are the consequences of taking or of not taking a given action?) and change management functions (how can work processes be restructured to achieve goals?).  The purpose of the Unit is to help senior officials of the Department make well informed managerial decisions for the achievement of greater efficiency and effectiveness within its programmes.


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Last Update: 23 January 2014 / Ruth RAMIREZ