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Department for General Assembly and Conference Management

Journal of the United Nations

The Journal Unit is responsible for the publication of the Journal of the United Nations, which is prepared and issued in English and in French every working day of the year.  During the main part of the General Assembly session it is also issued in Arabic, Chinese, Russian, and Spanish.  Texts for inclusion in the Journal are edited upon submission according to established guidelines.  The skills required of the staff of the Unit include drafting, editing, translating, and online search among others.  In addition, the staff must have an intimate and complete knowledge of the workings of the United Nations and of all bodies – formal and informal – that may be meeting on any one day.

The Journal is a complete picture and an historical record of the life of United Nations Headquarters on any given day – what  meetings are being held, when and where, what topics are being discussed and what documents are the basis of those discussions.  It gives a complete list of official documents issued that day, which can be accessed via hyperlink, and a summary of the meetings of the previous day.  The Journal also includes a listing of Secretariat websites that can be accessed via hyperlink.  For all delegates and staff, the Journal is required reading first thing in the morning.

In pursuance of the efforts of the Department to move from printed to electronic formats, the Journal is posted on the Official Document System (ODS) and on the Internet.  Interested users can follow the Journal daily on Twitter and on Facebook; subscribe through http://undocs.org.

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