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Department for General Assembly and Conference Management

General Assembly Affairs Branch

Central to all work at United Nations Headquarters in New York is the General Assembly, an organ of the United Nations Charter (Chapter IV, articles 9-22) and consisting of all Member States. The questions discussed in the Assembly touch on almost every aspect of public life today. In many different ways the work of the Assembly has a profound impact on today’s world, and the Branch is behind the scenes in all that work.

The Branch plans and organizes the activities of the General Assembly – the annual regular session and the special and emergency special sessions. Prior to these meetings, the Branch provides advice to Member States through information notes, the Delegate’s Handbook (which is issued before the opening of each regular session), and the preparation and issuance of reports of the General Committee. The Branch also drafts all versions of the agenda of the Assembly and its programme of work, and processes all resolutions and decisions adopted by the Assembly. Further, it provides technical secretariat services to the plenary of the Assembly, where all Members join in a common forum for deliberation, as well as the General Committee and the ad hoc working group on revitalization of the work of the General Assembly. The Branch is responsible for administering elections held in the plenary, including the election of non-permanent members of the Security Council, members of the Economic and Social Council.

In addition, the Branch, together with the Office of the Director, assists the Office of the President of the General Assembly on thematic debates and other special meetings of the plenary, as well as consultations processes held under the auspices of the President.

Rules of Procedure of the General Assembly


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