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Department for General Assembly and Conference Management

The Executive Office

The Executive Office is responsible for all financial, personnel, and general administrative matters concerning the Department.  With about 1,200 staff in the Department in New York and many temporary language professionals hired each year (between 100 and 200 are working each month), the biennial budget amounts to over 360 million US dollars.

The core functions of the Office include the following:

Within all of that, the two major concerns of the Office are the staffing and the budget of the Department.  Taking into account the fact that the Department’s permanent capacity is below what is needed to provide the full range of services required by the Member States, the Executive Office works closely with programme managers to determine things such as:  how many people, and in what timeframe, will be needed to accomplish the work that has been assigned to the Department; how to source and recruit the best people for the posts; what new initiatives can be funded in order for our staff to work better, smarter, and faster; and, of course, how much will all of that cost given scarce resources.

Because the Department is a multilingual, multicultural and multinational body, just like the United Nations itself, the 23 staff of the Executive Office must have the skills at hand (tact, patience, understanding) to deal with individual concerns as well as the labyrinthine administrative landscape.  Staff regulations and rules must be administered in a flexible but fair manner.  The efforts of the Office enable the Department to ensure a steady and stable workforce, and to make available adequate resources to accomplish its extensive programme of work.

Most simply put, the Executive Officer and the staff of the Office make sure that the workings of the Department work.


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