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Department for General Assembly and Conference Management

Documents Control Unit 

The Documents Control Unit faces downstream and interacts closely with all document processing units within the Department, including staff involved in editing, referencing, translation, text processing, contractual translation, reproduction, and distribution, to ensure that documents are issued on time and simultaneously in all official languages.  It receives manuscripts for the sessions of intergovernmental bodies meeting at Headquarters and also for overseas meetings of bodies headquartered in New York; it schedules the steps in their processing and monitors them continuously as they pass through the processing units.  The Unit is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is ready to act should any emergency arise.

In order to facilitate that work, an electronic document tracking and monitoring programme called eDOC was created, which allows the Unit to track and manage the progress of each manuscript through all links of the chain from submission to issuance as an official document.  A red flag will be raised when a manuscript becomes delayed at any stage of work.

In addition to its principal task of scheduling and monitoring documentation, the Unit is responsible for the following:

Performing eDOC user administration to ensure that user accounts are correctly configured and that users are trained to utilize the system efficiently.


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Last Update: 23 January 2014 / Ruth RAMIREZ